A Shot of Carpe Diem returns!

Sunday, 22nd October, 6pm, at the Teatro Dimitri in Verscio

The Variété of the Bachelor students of the Accademia Teatro Dimitri Theater, directed by Masha Dimitri and Oliviero Giovannoni, returns to Verscio for the last time: for those who have not yet been able to see it, it is the last opportunity to attend the show before the tour that will take him to Germany, in Reinach and in Stuttgart.

A Shot of Carpe Diem

Driven by the “Carpe Diem!” spirit of Masha Dimitri and Oliviero Giovannoni, this year’s students of the Accademia Teatro Dimitri will bring the theme to the stage.

Life is full of surprises: that much we know! The shock of an embarrassing moment, an unexpected situation...what can you do but try to make the best of it? Young, multi-talented artists build from these moments their theatrical collage. Each brings to the stage their own skills of acrobatics, juggling, music, singing, and dancing.

Let yourself be free from the moment, leave your troubles behind, and join the students and the unpredictable world of theatre in “A Shot of Carpe Diem!”

Directors: Masha Dimitri and Oliviero Giovannoni

Music: Oliviero Giovannoni

Performers: Delphine Delabeye, Maximilian Friedel, Alice Gauthier, Tianyu Gu, Yaël Horowicz, Natalia Karam, Jean-David L'Hoste-Lehnherr, Giorgia Marzetti, Tizian Olivieri, Marzella Ruegge, Jakob Sambeth, Lia Schädler, Jan Stransky

Stage: Urs Mösch and Carmelo Mulé

Lights: Helena Mösch

Costumes and Masks design and supervision: Stephanie Metzner

Costumes: Alice Gauthier 

Make-up design: Stephanie Metzner

PosterMarzella Ruegge

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