Awarded "Disabled Body in Discourse"

The research and training project "Disabled Body in Discourse" promoted by the Accademia Teatro Dimitri has won the second prize in this year’s Credit Suisse Best Teaching Award.

Curated by the Accademia and the company Teatro DanzAbile, Disabled Body in Discourse is part of the wider DisAbility on Stage project devoted to the theme of disability in contemporary performing practices. Supported by the Swiss National Fund, the project is held in collaboration with the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, the universities of Bern and Basel, the IntegrART circuit festivals and the Theater HORA ensemble.


With the goal of not staying limited to academic research, but also establishing a constant dialogue between theory and practice, contributing to the development of physical theatre teaching, the project culminated in a laboratory which in November 2016 involved the Master students of the Accademia in Verscio as well as handicapped actors, under the guidance of Emanuel Rosenberg of the Teatro DanzAbile.


The workshop ended with a theatrical experience in which the contents were defined progressively through practical work, in a creative path developed collaboratively from all of the participating performers and aimed at exploring the possibilities for both disabled and “normal” actors to not only be objects of someone else’s discourse, but rather subjects of a discourse based on their own specific qualities and individual potentials. This journey has allowed people with different personalities and experiences to meet on a plane that is not predetermined by prejudices and stereotypes, but enriched by the attention to detail and the generative power of fragility. Unlike other integrated theatre projects, there was no focus on therapeutic goals, but rather on the artistic, aesthetic, and expressive needs of each participant, obviously including the possibility of collateral benefits, which in fact were also present.


The theatrical workshop results will be presented in June 2017 at the festivals of Bern, Lugano, Geneva, and Basel, associated with the project IntegrART. Meanwhile, the more specifically scientific project results, curated by Sara Bocchini and Demis Quadri, will be disseminated through a multimedia publication concerning the planning phase and the creation of new training paths. 

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