"Disabled Bodies in Discourse " at the Southern Switzerland Innovation Forum

On November 2, the first "Southern Switzerland Innovation Forum" took place at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Lugano, organized by SUPSI, with the aim of measuring the level and capacity of innovation in the region.

As for innovation, how is Ticino positioned in the national and international landscape? Conscious of the importance of innovation for economic and social development, as well as its institutional role, in the year of its 20th anniversary, SUPSI organized the first edition of a forum dedicated entirely to this theme. A moment to compare the political, economic, and scientific state of the world on the theme of innovation, analyzed from three perspectives: European, federal, and cantonal.


This important event also involved the Accademia Teatro Dimitri, which brought its experience from the research project "Disabled Bodies in Discourse" (part of the wider DisAbility on Stage project, created in cooperation with the Institute for the Performing Arts and Film / Zürcher Hochschule Der Künste and the Compagnia Teatro Danzabile). For this occasion, a choreography was presented by Joëlle Petrini, a member of the Teatro Danzabile, and Morgan Wilson, a master student of the Academia, and a stand dedicated to this project was also be on display.


The project stands out for its high degree of innovation, presented by Demis Quadri, teacher and researcher of the Accademia and co-responsible for the project: In addition to an innovative and successful collaboration between research and education, the project shows how physical theatre can represent an extraordinary way for allowing "differently abled" and "normed" actors to become subjects of their own work. Although the focus of the project is primarily on artistic-type activities, its psychological, social, and cultural implications go far beyond the theatrical sphere, distinguishing itself as an innovative example of the development and application of policies promoting equal opportunities and self-determination. An additional innovative aspect of the project, based on practices that cannot be fully verbalised or digitalised, is that it identifies precise routes as alternatives to the accepted scientific and technological approaches.

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