End of the academic year 2017-18

During the month of June, 10 of our students received the Master of Arts degree in Physical Theater.

On July 20th, we ended the academic year 2017-18 in Verscio with a small farewell party: but not all of the students are on holiday; the 2nd year Bachelor students are presenting their Variété “The imperfect Twelve” at the Teatro Dimitri until mid-August, which is already enjoying great acclaim.

Even the students of the 3rd year will be active during the summer months to prepare their “Lavori individuali di fine formazione”, which they will present in September. The work may be hard, but the students most certainly know they are most capable of great success, given the enthusiastic reactions throughout the tour of their collective performance "Nothing is Lost".

Lastly, on the Master front, in June, the dean Corinna Vitale awarded 10 diplomas to students who have happily reached the end of their journey.These are:

Santiago Bello, Stefanie Bolzli, Adriano Cangemi, Elisa Di Cristofaro, Robert A. Diaz, Alessandra Francolini, Mirjiami Heikkinen, Andres Antonio Santos Urresta, Tiendrebéogo Charles Nomwendé and Morgan Wilson.

All our congratulations to the brilliant new graduates.

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