Evening with Cristina Castrllo

Curated by Giorgio Thoeni. Wednesday April 18, 2018, 6:00pm at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri in Verscio

Cristina Castrillo won the Swiss Theatre Award 2014 assigned by the Swiss Cultural Office. This important award is given to institutions and/or person who as greatly contributed to the development and growth of the theatrical art in Switzerland.

Moreover, this year his last show, "Transhumance", has been selected for the 5th Swiss Theatre Encounter in Zurich.

Cristina Castrillo

Over four decades of dedication to professional theatre : from the foundation, in the seventies, of Libre Teatro Libre, one of the most famous Latin American companies in Argentina to the birth of the "Teatro delle Radici" in Switzerland in 1980.
The versality of her work (as an actress, a teacher and a director) has led her to put into practice the fundamental aspects of her approach, both as regards her perfornance and that of other actors.
Dedicating all her efforts to the research of elements that are basis of an actor's training, she has contributed to the creation of collective and individual shows in which the actor is always at the very heart of the inventive process. The creation of her solo entitled "On the Heart of the Earth" is particularly noteworthy. The performance has been presented on many occasions and several festivals in Europe and Latin America.
To expand her pedagogical activities, she has created, in cooperation with colleagues of the "Teatro delle Radici", a "Theatre Lab School" for foreing actors. Her method has been presented at countless workshops and demonstrations of work that she has been invited to lead in different countries in Europe, central and latin America, United States, Australia and New Zealand.

Since 1980 she created and directed:
"Tracciato a Matita" (1982), "Trottole" (1983), "Trappola per Tristi" (1984),
"Gli Abitanti del Tramonto" (1986), "Trapitos" (1987), "Sul Cuore della Terra" (1988), "Tangram" e "Uno" (1989), "Baguala" (1991), "L’Attimo del Blu" (1992), "Canto di Pietra" (1994), "Il Libro dei Riflessi" (1996), "Pelle di Lupo" (1997), "Le Ombre del Silenzio" (1998), "Umbral" (1999), "Stranieri" (2000), "Sguardo di Cenere" (2001), "Guardando al Sud" (2002), "Il ventre della balena" (2004), "Polvere di rugiada" (2006), D versus D (2007), "Shakespeariana" (2008), "Il Valzer delle Panchine" (2009), "Track" (2009), Where the sight flows (2010), The secret voice of the sparrows (2010), Remains (2011), Snow (2012)

She edited the book "Attore-Autore" ( "Actor–Author"), "I Sentieri dell’ Acqua" ("The Paths of the Water") , "Trilogia dell’assenza" e "Voci peregrine" with the texts of the performances of Teatro delle Radici until 2010.
She writes in different theatrical reviews in Europe and Latin America.

from: www.teatrodelleradici.net






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