Festival of Graduates of the Accademia Teatro Dimitri

September 18th - 30th at the Teatro Dimitri in Verscio: 21 performances, 5 seminars, round tables, concerts, 2 exhibitions and a film!

In Verscio, for 14 days, audiences will have the opportunity to (re-) discover the talents formed over the years at the Accademia – formerly Scuola Teatro Dimitri: a fascinating journey through time with theater, music, singing, and much more, offered by ex- BA and MA students, and a chance to appreciate what has been developed for years within the walls of the Accademia.

The show will alternate between seasoned performers, among the first to have received training at the school, to younger artists, who have graduated more recently, each with their own peculiarities and their creativity. The stage will be filled with dance, circus, physical theater, performance, acrobatics, songs, and words, together with workshops – for example “Creative writing and movement”, or “Floorwork and acro-dance” – and also exhibitions.

The Festival therefore mirrors the variety of languages that the many artists trained by the Accademia have come to develop over the years, and is also, at the same time, a confirmation of the constant and creative evolution of the school’s education. Not to be missed!

Download the flyer with all the events.

Tickets: Ufficio Teatro Dimitri, 9.00-12.00: 058 666 67 85

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