Gala of Solidarity for Clowns Without Borders

Sunday, December 13, 2015, 18:00, Teatro Dimitri, Verscio

On Sunday, December 13th, at 18:00, the Teatro Dimitri will be hosting a big opening event, the Gala of Solidarity, to initiate the creation of the Swiss branch of Clowns Without Borders and start fundraising for the first theatrical projects to tour in Nepal next January 2016, in the regions affected by the earthquakes last spring. Stage performances will include, among others, Masha Dimitri, Les Diptik, cie Voila l’Enchantement, Emmanuel Pouilly, and many artists from around the world (Columbia, Venezuela, Belgium, Germany, etc.) from the circus and comedy.

This is a special event for the whole family, unique to Ticino...don’t miss it!

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