Goodbye Gunda

Co-founder and first director of Teatro Dimitri and Scuola Teatro Dimitri
Born in Basel in 1934 and raised in Zurich, Gunda worked as a young ceramist in Denmark and in her father Jenö Salgo's jewellery workshop in Zurich. At the same time she studied at the School of Dramatic Art in Zurich. 
In 1960 she met Dimitri again in Zurich, whom she had met years earlier in Morgins in a summer colony. The two of them would no longer be separated, united by a deep mutual love, as a love for art. 
In 1971 in Verscio she founded the Teatro Dimitri with Dimitri and in 1975, again with Dimitri and Richard Weber, she founded the Scuola Teatro Dimitri, now Accademia Teatro Dimitri. For years she was the first director of both, working intensively behind the scenes to develop and establish day after day two unique artistic realities in Ticino and Switzerland. Thanks to her, many important artists today have taken their first steps on the stage of the Teatro di Verscio. 

Gunda is no longer with us, but leaves us a generous and great legacy, for which the Academy is infinitely grateful. All of us, teachers, students and collaborators will miss Gunda, always present, curious and critical of the Academy's shows and presentations.

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