Master Productions Exhibition

From Thursday, January 11, to Sunday, January 14 at the Teatro Paravento in Locarno, and from Friday, January 19 to Saturday, January 20 at the Teatro Dimitri in Verscio

The Accademia Teatro Dimitri is excited to present a new, interesting program: for the first time, audiences will have the opportunity to enjoy the graduation projects of 6 Master students of the Accademia Teatro Dimitri, presented together consecutively. During these 6 days in January, the various performances will be presented in succession on the stage of the Teatro Paravento in Locarno and of the Teatro Dimitri in Verscio, the public will have a chance to appreciate the variety of stage creations conceived by the students, as well as the diversity and singularity of their different artistic personalities. It will also be an occasion to see a form of non-traditional theatre, rich in inventiveness and originality, that combines different disciplines – clowning, physical theatre, dance, acrobatics, work with puppets – and ranges of expression such as theatre, video, and singing.


The shows on stage:

Teatro Paravento, Locarno


12.01. 2018, 18.00 / 14.01. 2018, 18.30 : Felix Baumann, A Boat // Out of the Blu, with Sara Bocchini

11.01. 2018, 20.30 / 13.01. 2018, 18.00 : Stefanie Bolzli, Die Erbse, video editing by Santiago Bello

12.01.2018, 20.30 / 14.01.2018, 16.00 : Angela Calia, Cuori disabili, in collaboration with Luigi Guerrieri

11.01.2018, 18.00 / 13.01.2018, 20.30 : Andrés Santos Urresta, El Periodico

Teatro Dimitri, Verscio

19.01.2018, 18.00 / 20.01.2018, 20.30 : Elisa di Cristofaro, Questione di tempo

19.01.2018, 20.30 / 20.01.2018, 18.00 : Igor Mamlenkov, Domovoi

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