Meeting with Samuel Schwarz

Edited by Giorgio Thoeni. Wednesday November 21st – 6:30pm Verscio, Accademia Teatro Dimitri

Samuel Schwarz (1971), a Bernese director, is considered among the most influential and important artists of the contemporary Swiss scene. In 1998, together with others, Schwarz gave birth to 400 ASA, among the most innovative, independent companies in our country (Swiss Theater Prize in 2016) beginning an investigation of contemporary forms of storytelling, staging his shows with the use of creative and unconventional transmediality between radio, cinema, and theater. His stylistic value is characterized by the experimentation of new forms of narrative that also involve public spaces, transforming them into performance spaces. His is a project that calls into question the role of the theater and the audience which still leaves, however, a privileged place for its representation according to its traditional dimension.


Schwarz’ company, which today is called Digital Bühne based in Zürich, is presenting its Tintagiles Tod project in Verscio: an opera that incorporates the eponymous play by the Belgian playwright Maurice Maeterlink (1862-1949), Nobel Prize winner in 1911 for literature, and that was conceived for puppet theater. That masterpiece has now been reread with a vision in which the theater figure merges with virtual reality, the Motion Capturing with the very classic narration. A fascinating world that looks to the future.


Samuel Schwarz will be a guest of Café Philo and will meet the students of the Accademia in Verscio in a double-appointment:

first with a lecture dedicated to young actors (16:00-17:30),

and then for a conversation open to the public (18:30-20:00).

Questo contenuto attualmente non disponibile in italiano.


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