"Nagual - Moved by the Wind" by Adriano Cangemi

A Masters project in physical theater developed within the Accademia Teatro Dimitri

A dancer on the stage begins a long pilgrimage through the different manifestations of a body in conflict. The journey begins with an old sorcerer and ends when he reborn in the growing energy of a plant searching the sun. In this path he needs to face his own personal hell, using his body as a means to embrace his inner light and darkness

A performance without words, with original music, where everything is concentrated on the performer's body and his encounter with the audience, space, music, and a trapeze.
In this creation Adriano Cangemi works with different body techniques, such as the physical theater, circus and butoh dance, with the live musical accompaniment of the composer Caspar Guyer.

The show will be presented in three different spaces of the Ticino, in its two versions: street theater for the whole family (Friday and Sunday) and physical theater (Saturday).

Friday 8 June, in Piazza Grande, Locarno, at 20:30, with free entry.
Saturday 9 June, at the Tent of Circus Dimitri in Verscio, at 20:30 (reservations at: 091 796 25 44 - info@teatrodimitri.ch)
Sunday 10 June, Al Portigon di Rivapiana, by the lake at Minusio, at 18:00, with free entry.


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