New academic year 2018/2019

On September 18, the new academic year will officially start with 13 BA students and 6 MA students.

The Accademia Teatro Dimitri reopens its doors welcoming 19 new BA and MA students, as always from Switzerland but also from other various countries: Europeans (Italy, France, Germany, Russia and the Czech Republic), South America (Argentina, Mexico) and even Asia (China and Japan). An international group of talented young people ready to begin their training in the artistic community of the Accademia Teatro Dimitri in Verscio:

a warm welcome to all of them!

Students BA


Arion Dërmaku (CH-JU)

Domenico Doronzo (I)

Martin Durrman (F)

Valeria Michelle Estrella (MX)

Simone Fiore (CH-AR)

Françoise Gautier (CH-GE)

Nina Giordano (CH-JU)

Nuria Livia Künzler (CH-ZH)

Charles Mouron (CH-VD)

Lucas Petracci (ARG)

Chloé Schach (CH-GE)

Noémie Siraut (CH-JU)

Akira Takeshima (JP)



Students MA

Henry Camus (CH-TI/USA)

Makhina Dzhuraeva (RU)

Tianyu GU (Cina)

Paula König (D)

Lukas Larcher (CH-BE)

Marketa Pscolkova (CZ)

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