Nothing is lost

An Accademia Dimitri Production 2018

At the end of June, the 3rd year Bachelor students of the Accademia Teatro Dimitri will present their final work of their formation of Art in Theatre. This year the show will consist in an eclectic collective creation entitled "Nothing is Lost", orchestrated in close collaboration with the two directors, Serge Nicolaï and Olivia Corsini.

Students will start a long international tour, which will take them to France - the premiere of the show takes place in Paris on the 28th of July,  in the prestigious venue of the Cartoucherie, within the Festival des Écoles du Théâtre - and then to Italy (Venice, Udine, Arezzo, Varese). In Ticino, the show will be presented on July 13th in Bellinzona, during the Festival Territori, and on July 20th and 22nd at the Teatro Dimitri in Verscio.


With the show "Nothing is Lost" Serge Nicolaï and Olivia Corsini orchestrated an eclectic collective creation with the students:

A group of young men and women, trapped in a "huis-clos", reflect and argue, caught somewhere between despair and the necessity to revolt, questioning the roles of art, violence, fighting and the weapons which are available to them.

In order to resist, in an era in which the power of ideals is faltering, capitalism flattening everything and bodies becoming mere commodities, the main characters of this story project themselves onto a path of change, borrowing the words of Albert Camus, Kate Tempest, Wilhelm Reich, Sophie Sholl, Rosa Balistreri and others, presenting their time to the audience, sharing letters, archive items and other personal belongings.

A show suspended between reality and fiction, a celebration of the power of art.

A collective creation of:

Delphine Delabeye 

Olivia Corsini

Maximilian Friedel

Alice Gauthier 

Tianyu Gu  

Yaël Horowicz  

Natália Karam 

Jean-David L’Hoste-Lehnherr 

Giorgia Marzetti 

Serge Nicolaï

Tizian Olivieri 

Marzella Ruegge 

Jakob Sambeth 

Lia Schädler 

Jan Stránský 


Verscio, Teatro Dimitri, general rehearsal, 24th June 2018, at 18.00

Paris, Festival Des Écoles Du Théâtre, Cartoucherie, 28th June-1st July 2018

Venezia, Festival Open Stage, 4th-5th July 2018

Udine, Accademia Nico Pepe, 7th July 2018

Bellinzona, Festival Territori, 13th July 2018

Somma Lombardo (VA), Piazza Fraz. Coarezza, 19th July 2018

Verscio, Teatro Dimitri, 20th July 2018

Verscio, Teatro Dimitri, 22nd July 2018

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