Open Day 2016

Saturday March 19, 2016, starting at 9:30am, the Accademia Teatro Dimitri presents the day of the Open Doors, dedicated to all those interested in the Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees in Theatre / Physical Theatre.

Throughout the day, you will be given the opportunity to really get to know the subjects, the teaching methods, and the teachers of the Accademia through an extensive program of open classes. The subjects taught include courses of: dance, theatre improvisation, rhythm, acrobatics, theatre without words, clown entrée, voice, singing, mask construction, tap dance. The heads of the bachelor's and master's studies, respectively Vice Dean Daniel Bausch and Corinna Vitale, will be available to give more information about the Accademia and the educational path of the bachelor and master training programs. Information about the master program will be offered in the morning at 12:20pm, and information concerning the bachelor program will begin in the late afternoon at 5:00pm.

At the end of the day, at 6:00pm, for those who wish, there will be the possibility to see the presentation of the show “Falling” in the Dimitri Theatre, directed by Lilo Baur, which is the final work of the 3rd year bachelor students. Entrance is free. The participants of the day can get their tickets from 11:00am in the Dimitri Theatre.

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