Open doors 2019 - Thank you!

Accademia Teatro Dimitri in Verscio. Saturday, 13th of April 2019 It was a wonderful day, thank you!

Every year, the Accademia Teatro Dimitri offers an exceptional opportunity to all those who are interested – young and older people, future students, friends and fans – to set foot in its classrooms in order to discover first-hand the subjects and teaching methods of the Accademia, and to get to know its teachers through a broad programme of open lectures and shows.


Day’s programme:

From 10.00 to 12.45 and from 13.45 to 15.30, in the Accademia’s classrooms: open lectures.

At 16.00, “Aula grande” of the Accademia (ground floor): Work in progress of Master student Jenny Szabo’s final project.

At 16.45, “Aula grande” of the Accademia (ground floor): the Dean and Head of Education, Corinna Vitale, will provide you with information about the Accademia and its Bachelor and Master programmes.

At 17.30, Teatro Dimitri: Show featuring the Bachelor students.


Entry is free. Participants of the open doors day can collect the ticktes to the show from 12.45 at the restaurant of the Teatro Dimitri. 
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