Physical Theatre: Master’s Productions

From Friday 15 June to Sunday 17 June 2018, Tenda Circo Dimitri & Casa del Clown in Verscio

Accademia Teatro Dimitri is very happy once again to present the graduation productions from three of its Master’s Degree students. Each show will be performed on two evenings, at one of a pair of very special locations in Verscio.

The shows are the original creations of Master’s students at the Accademia and offer unique mixes of physical theatre, poetry, comedy, reading and music, with the help of masks and puppets.


The shows are scheduled as follows:


Lovefool” by Morgan Wilson

Friday 15 June and Sunday 17 June, at 8.30pm, Tenda Circo Dimitri


Simorgh – The Journey of a Bird" by Mirjami Heikkinen

Friday 15 June and Saturday 16 June, at 6pm, Casa del Clown

(limited seats: booking required)


Mea culpa” by Tiendrebéogo Charles Nomwendé

Saturday, 16 June 2018, at 8.30pm, and Sunday 17 June at 6pm, Tenda Circo Dimitri

Questo contenuto attualmente non disponibile in italiano.


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