Prize winner at Udine, Faustino Blanchut, graduate of the Accademia Teatro Dimitri

At the Youth Theatre Organization Award Ceremony his company won the Jury’s Choice Award for the project “Ou le fleurs fanent”.

The Youth Theatre Organization Award Ceremony promoted by the Civica accademia d’Arte drammatica “Nico Pepe” of Udine celebrated its 10th year on Sunday, November 19th, 2017: over their 10 years many young actors, directors, and playwrights have shown their projects to the juries. The juries called to evaluate the works expressed their appreciation for the quality and the level of the projects that were presented; it was no easy task to award the prizes.


Among the young winners were the actors and dancers from Genoa and France with their project “Ou les Fleurs Fanent”: including the actor and dancer Faustino Blanchut, graduate of the BA program of the Accademia Teatro Dimitri, who together with his colleagues (Marianna Moccia, Mariangela Giacobini, Francesco Russo, and director Natalia Vallebona) won the Jury’s Choice Award.


The Youth Theatre Organization Award aims to give a voice to young actors, to their abilities and their ideas, delineating a space for discussion, comparison, and mutual growth between young actors under 35 and well-established figures in the theatre scene. The award provides an opportunity for networking and embarking on fresh theatrical paths, but also for growth and sharing.


The project winner of the Jury’s Choice Award is offered the chance to perform at the following year’s edition of the Youth Theatre Organization Award Ceremony.

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