“Six Viewpoints”, by Mary Overlie and Michael Groneberg

A meeting curated by Giorgio Thoeni: Tuesday, 22 May 2018 from 7pm at Accademia Teatro Dimitri in Verscio

The last date in the season with Café Philo presented by the Accademia offers a novel formula in relation to reflections of a philosophical nature, challenging two personalities who have expressed some of the most important theories on movement.

Mary Overlie (1946) is one of the most significant personalities in US theatre. A performer, choreographer, writer and university teacher, with her theory and technique as described in Six Viewpoints she has been a major influence on the practise of physical theatre: concepts upon which she began to reflect at a very young age and which were subsequently developed all through her long career. From 1978 to 1986 she directed her dance company in New York, where she was choreographic direction assistant to Lee Bruer, Joanne Akalaitis, Anne Bogart and Brian Jusha. She was among the founders of NY’s Danspace Project Movement Research and of the Pro Series international workshops from Vienna’s Tanz Wochen. She has taught in France, Holland, Denmark, Belgium and United States. In 1999 she received the Bessie Award for dance and theatre, an award for independent artists working in New York.

Michael Groneberg (1961) is assistant lecturer and researcher in Philosophy at the universities of Lausanne and Fribourg. He has edited various publications on the relationship between Philosophy and Theatre. He created and curated the Les maître de la caverne project, aiming at encouraging and supporting university students to make philosophical thought tangible and to bring it closer to theatre creation. In 2018 he published for Etudes de Lettres, the magazine of the Literature department of Lausanne university, the volume entitled Penser la scene, with contributions from various authors on theatre, its purpose, its spatial aspects and ‘vehicles’ (influences, play, poetry).

Questo contenuto attualmente non disponibile in italiano.


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