Summer Courses 2018

Sommer courses for Adults and for Childrens and Teens at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri

During the months of July and August, the Accademia Teatro Dimitri offers an interesting and varied program of courses in Verscio. These are aimed at childrens and teens, and at adults, both professionals and non-professionals, who are interested in physical theatre and would like to explore various fields such as dance, circus arts, pantomime, clowning, rhythm, Commedia dell’Arte, and theatrical improvisation.

Through the courses, all students have the opportunity to work with their own bodies in ways that transcend habits and clichés. When young people of all ages learn to get on stage and “get in character”, the work contributes to the harmonious growth and development of their identities, through activities full of sensorial and relational stimuli, as well as fun. Development of motor skills, perception of space, a sense of rhythm and musicality, concentration, knowledge, and self-confidence: all of these skills are stimulated through theatrical activities.

In addition to enhancing specific skills such as theatre and dance, the courses offer an opportunity to learn to observe situations and people in a different way, and furthermore, to imagine new and satisfying ways to face life’s surprises. In a world constantly in a hurry, theatre and its related arts are a precious tool for reestablishing contact with oneself, with the rhythms and tempos of one’s own body.

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