Summer Courses for Children 2017

The summer courses for children at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri in Verscio are back!

Circus for children 

The circus shines with a unique magic, bursting with color. Have you ever dreamed of becoming a circus performer? Hanging from a trapeze, juggling with balls in hand or stumbling like the clown? Would you like to live in the atmosphere of the circus? For a week you could fly with the trapeze, perform incredible acrobatics, build human pyramids, walk on the wire, whiz by on the unicycle, launch the circus diabolo in the sky, and much much more. All week long you can try different disciplines, choose one that you prefer and create your number.

Theatre for children

With a series of games, exercises and a small theatrical piece, the course aims to familiarize the participants with theatrical expression. Starting from a story chosen at the beginning of the week, we will improvise the story. Every participant will find their role. We will also organize accessories and costumes. The course concludes with a little presentation for friends and family.


Who would like to get to know the colourful, varied world of the variété a là Dimitri? Whether strongmen, clowns, lion tamers, acrobats, elephant dressages, artists, magicians, number girls, wrestlers – together we will explore the varied facets of vaudeville and try out various disciplines like clowning, acrobatics, dance, rhythm, music, fakir and wizardry. At the end, a relentless, colourful, and absolutely wild motley crew will arise, inspiring us with their artistic, dancing, acrobatic, musical and theatre mini-numbers.

First Steps towards Dance

The course stems from the pleasure of movement that is inherent in every child. Through play and imagination, the children will be guided through their first steps in the world of dance. The play and the dance will be featured elements and through the course, the students will use objects, drawing, and telling stories to be able to tie the movement to images and meanings.

For informations (dates, times, age) see the Summer Courses page or download the pdf; for questions contact Francesca Marcacci 091 796 24 14.

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