"The Clown – Tradition and New Perspectives " - Master Campus Theatre CH 2017

An intensive week dedicated to the "Clown" organized by the Accademia teatro Dimitri in Verscio, September 19th to 23rd 2017.

The iconic image of the clown is a red nose on white make-up. How does “the smallest mask of the world” change our perception of a face? How does it affect the performer when confronting an audience? What if the clown does not wear a red nose? Can the “smallest mask” be rendered visible by other means? What can we learn from the clown about laughter, play, freedom, creativity, imagination – about being human?

The convention dedicated to the clown, organized within the week of the Master Campus Theatre CH 2017, aims to provoke many more questions. Lectures will provide historical and theoretical frameworks in which to set our enquiries. World-famous clown artists, like Jango Edwards, Leo Bassi and Yves Dagenais, will guide us towards answers. In a number of workshops and shows we can discover the ins and outs of the art of clowning. 

Download the Master Campus Theatre program.

Worpkshops are open only to Masterstudents. Due to limited seating, reservation is mandatory. For information and reservation please contact:

Silviana Vogt: +41 (0)91 796 24 14, silviana.vogt@supsi.ch.

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