The DisAbility on Stage project presents itself

The project will be presented as part of the Incontro svizzero dei teatri, the OMBRE Festival of Lugano, the Wildwuchs Festival of Basel and the BewegGrund Festival of Bern.

The research project DisAbility on Stage is the first comprehensive survey of theatre and dance practices directed and/or performed by artists with disabilities in the different linguistic regions of Switzerland. The partnership between the  Accademia Teatro Dimitri and the director of Teatro DanzAbile, Emanuel Rosenberg, allowed some students and a group of disabled actors to become participants in a theatre workshop that reflects on a combination of practical and theoretical research.

The project will be presented at: 

  • Incontro svizzero dei teatri, Lugano, 26.05.2017
  • ORME Festival, Lugano, 01.06.2017
  • Wildwuchs Festival, Basel, 09.06.2017
  • BewegGrund. Das Festival, Bern, 10.06.2017

For more information on the performance at the Incontro svizzero dei teatri click here. To download the flyer click here.

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