The final event of the interdisciplinary project “Terre di Pedemonte” in Verscio

The students of the 5 bachelor programs in the DACD (Department for Environment, Constructions and Design) have created a projection of the territory with particular attention on the Terre di Pedemonte, celebrating its special places, characteristics, and traditions.

On Friday, June 9th, at 3:30pm, the final event of the interdisciplinary project “Terre di Pedemonte” will be held at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri, during which the students of the 5 professional programs of the Department of Construction and Design will present their own work to the public, through an exhibition of installations and an interactive path through the territory.


The Terre di Pedemonte project has created innovative learning pathways and methods to foster dialogue between disciplines and professions, intersecting skills, the active role of the student, and the proximity to the territory. In this way, the projects of the 5 DACD professional courses have developed around a common and unifying theme: the projection of the territory, both the physical place and the changing concepts of the area, encountering traditions, cultures, and ways of life, as well as roads, buildings, and signs. The students therefore studied the territory and investigated some of the important sites of the community of the Terre di Pedemonte in order to try to foster the development of a shared identity that could unite its various unique features, creating one entity.


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