The imperfect Twelve

The Accademia Teatro Dimitri returns with the Variété from the 2nd year Bachelor students, directed by Andrea Herdeg and Colette Roy, with music by Oliviero Giovannoni.

The encounter of the twelve promising imperfects.

Twelve people get together, the promising imperfects. A gentleman with a curious glance and a hat on his head. A woman with her head in the sky. Another one quiet but highly untamed . Yet another one seeks but never finds. Someone is always where he shouldn't be. One of them, however, is perfect, at first glance, but he too carries within him, well hidden, an encouraging imperfection. The clash of all these characters creates a unique world of its own. The twelve tell stories with their bodies, with acrobatics, dance, song and music, with or without masks. They awaken/conjure up laughter, an almost forgotten dream and along with it, some nostalgia.

Directors: Andrea Herdeg, Colette Roy

MusicOliviero Giovannoni

CostumesFranziska Born

Make up SupervisionStephanie Metzner

LightsHelena Mösch, Urs Mösch

Set designUrs Mösch, Carmelo Mulé


Patrice Bussy 
Virginia Cassina 
Ettore Chiummo 
Simone Ganser 
Rahel Leutwiler 
Luca Lombardi 
Saskia Simonet 
Simon Thöni 
Daniela Catherine Vargas Torres 
Florian Timo Voigt 
Valea Völcker 

Luana Volet 

...and their masks.



Verscio, Teatro Dimitri, 20.30 (Sunday 18.00)

13.7. / 14.7. 15.7. / 19.7 / 24.7 / 26.7. / 29.7. 

Orselina, Parco, 21.00

25.7. (when it rains 08.8.) 


Verscio, Teatro Dimitri, 20.30 (Sunday 18.00)

01.8. 04.8. 05.8. / 09.8. / 11.8. /15.8. / 18.8. 


Verscio, Teatro Dimitri, 20.30


Reinach, Saalbau, 14.00



Stuttgart, Forum Theater, 20.00 (Sunday 16.00, 20.00)

01.11. / 02.11 / 03.11. / 04.11. / 06.11. / 07.11. / 08.11. / 09.11/ 10.11. / 11.11.

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