The international tour of the Bachelor final performance "The Old Tenant"

Is in scene "The Old Tenant" by Cesare Lievi, inspired by Eugène Ionesco's text “The new Tenant”. The opening night was in Paris, in the prestigious venue of the Cartoucherie, within the Festival des Écoles du Théâtre public. The performance opened an international tour in France, Switzerland, Italy, and Spain.

The students of the 3rd year Bachelor, who are at the end of their formation of Arts in Physical Theater, traveled for three weeks from Paris to Verscio, from Milan to Bellinzona, until Segovia in Spain, where they played in the context of the Student Festival ITI Unesco Network for Higher Education in the Performing Arts.

Look at the flyer of the Cartoucherie in Paris.

Inspired in particular by the great metaphoric potential of the text of Eugène Ionesco, who paints his theatrical adaptations with the tones of the philosophical clown, the performance sets out the extraneousness of itself and the world.

An empty room. A petulant and intrusive concierge awaits the new tenant, who soon arrives. The tenant has very clear ideas of how to arrange his furniture. He has calculated everything. He has prepared everything. Two bellhops help. The room (according to the tenant’s instructions) slowly fills. But, with furniture and the rest come, intrusively: memories, fears, and dreams. Individual and collective spirits. The people and the history. The room is packed. The tenant orders the others to wall up the doors. He will now live there. Alone. Isolated. Satisfied. But buried (and perhaps killed) by his objects and his past.


Directing and Script: Cesare Lievi

Performers: 3rd year Bachelor students of the ATD

Mariyam Al-Baghdadi, Héloïse Dell`Ava, Vinzent Gisi, Hannes Langanky, Alvise Lindenberger, Clarissa Matter, Faustine Moret, Michele Rezzonico, Olivia Ronzani, Leonti Usolzew

Assistant Director and Music Director: Alessandro La Rocca

Voice and diction: Antonella Astolfi

Lights and Stage design: Christoph Siegenthaler, Ricki Maggi and Carmelo Mulé

Costumes and Make-up: Stephanie Metzner

Dressmaker: Anna Manz


Festival des Écoles du Théâtre public à la Cartoucherie, Paris (France)

29.06.2017      (première)


Teatro Dimitri, Verscio (Switzerland)


Teatro Arsenale, Milano (Italy)


Festival Territori, Teatro Sociale, Bellinzona (Switzerland)


Student Festival ITI Unesco Network for Higher Education,  Segovia (Spain)


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