The Master Students of the Accademia Teatro Dimitri on an International Tour

From March 17th to April 1st, the students of the Master of Arts in Theatre at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri will begin a tour, both in Switzerland and abroad, with the show “Insomnia”.

The tour will take them first to Thalwil, where they will perform at the Katapult Festival; then, after an evening “at home” in Verscio, the students will travel to Czechia , first to Brno, where they will perform at the Setkánì / Encounter Festival, and then to Malovice, for a performance at the Continuo Theatre.


The theatrical performance “Insomia” was created by 7 Master students, directed by Pavel Štourač, and is based on poems and texts by authors, directors, and choreographers of the last century, among them: Antonin Artaud, Jerzy Grotowski, Rudolf Laban, and Edward Gordon Craig. The work goes beyond the traditional boundaries of dramatic theatre to explore the students’ skills in dance, acrobatics, singing, and work with puppets...


In a loft in the industrial zone of a city live 7 theatre artists who have just finished their studies and are looking for work. They share space, food, and their ideas about art and life. They dream of a better world and of changing art, and want to create an unforgettable show, which will make them famous. But they doubt the meaning of art, and they doubt themselves...another sleepless night is about to begin...the result is a fascinating experiment of physical theatre that brings into questions the anxieties of the artists who face the working world...concerns that, after all, are present for any young person at the beginning of their professional career.


For those who would like to see the show, it will be performed in Verscio on Saturday, March 25th, at 20:30 in the Teatro Dimitri.

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