Theatre and neuroscience with Luca Spadaro and Giovanni Pellegri

Wednesday, 8 of January 2020 6.30 p.m. - Aula Grande by Giorgio Thoeni

Mejerch'old, Stanislavkij, Craig without forgetting Grotowski, Strasberg, Barba, Brook... are some of the most important and significant names that have marked the theatre of the twentieth century in search of a method and a style to form the modern actor and give meaning to the work by signing direction with results that have often become legendary. Each of them has represented a fascinating path of research that does not seem to be exhausted, but rather finds new and exciting directions. 
The school for the training of the actor has always continued the choice of his techniques in parallel with progress, social, cultural and scientific, feeding on new theories. 
Today, the neuroscience theory linked to the discovery of mirror neurons has made its way. But what do neurological hypotheses have to do with the practical work of the actors? How to explain the relationship between body and brain? How to speak and move on stage creating a language that communicates and shares emotions with the audience? 
Giorgio Thoeni tackles an important issue for the training of young actors by stimulating the confrontation between two specialists: Luca Spadaro, director, playwright and pedagogue, author of the recent manual L'attore specchio (Dino Audino publisher) and Giovanni Pellegri, doctor in neurobiology, researcher at USI and scientific divulger.

Questo contenuto attualmente non è disponibile in italiano.


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