Theatre and Personal Development with Summer Courses at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri

If summer is the season that forces us to take care of our bodies, it can also serve as an opportunity to return to ourselves, both externally and internally. And that has been exactly the goal of the Accademia Teatro Dimitri in organizing their summer courses over the years: to offer an opportunity to break the daily flow of responsibilities and commitments, in order to concentrate on the self.

Along with the more traditional courses (at least in the theatre world) such as “Clownery” or “Improvisation”, some courses recently added to the summer program are geared towards personal development. “Falling in creativity” is the evocative title of the course from the Finnish artist Orvokki Mäkelä, which offers the possibility to open the imagination and break the norms of habitual thinking and behavioral patterns, forbidding participants from being “productive” in order to explore their personal creativity and their individual path. The same is true of the course “Interior Immersion”, aimed at discovering one’s own body and emotions through intense physical exercises and resistance. It was in order to “turn over one’s inner self, as one turns over the soil to make room for the seed” that Charles Tiendrebeogo, the founder of the course, came back from Burkina Faso to train at the Ticinese Accademia.


The influences of the theatre on personal development are well-known: just think of the research that has highlighted the exchanges taking place between theatrical, therapeutic, and spiritual practices. In fact, it happens very often that, for example, the preparation exercises for the actor can be applied to sociocultural matters, or that contemporary theatre teachers let their work be influenced by yoga practices.


“I believe that in every field of work and existence it is necessary, in order to find new ideas and new stimuli, to be able to be amazed,” says Demis Quadri, professor and researcher at the Accademia, who is also responsible for organizing summer courses. “To achieve this aim, the practices of theatre, circus, dance, and in general the performing arts, can be considered as very special tactics.”


This has also been explained by Bernard Stöckli, an independent artist who offers Clownery courses in Verscio every year: “Through this experience, the people learn to confront a public or a group, and to be more aware of their own qualities, so these courses do not only serve to develop theatrical knowledge, but also further enrich the person, independent from the theatre world.”


To download the Summer Course Program click here; For information and registration: Francesca Marcacci 091 796 24 14.

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