Theatre Tales of Migration at School

After an entire school-year of theatre workshops, the pupils from two Y4 classes at Ascona's primary school and a Y4 class of Locarno 1 middle school presented three shows on the theme of migration in Verscio.

The theatre workshops took place in the context of the research project "Exploring migrations – Theatre and inter-cultural Communication for Schools”, developed by Accademia Teatro Dimitri and intended to promote the intercultural competences of both pupils and teachers in schools within the area of migration.

The theme was firstly explored through research in history and social science, in particular by analysing the biographies of migrants from the Italian part of Switzerland, which provided the material for the practical application in school. For a year, the kids have been working with a group of theatre teachers from the Accademia, developing a range of aspects to the project through theatre exercises, which have allowed them to experiment with human and social themes through both a direct and personal approach.

Work naturally lead to more structured theatre moments, which were presented very successfully at the Verscio theatre. The theatre work allowed children and youngsters to explore this subject quite profoundly, embracing the various tales of migration, moving from an abstract level and extending to that of the human condition. After this preliminary work, new competences allowed the youngsters to create every element of the performances, and to further develop them collectively, autonomously, and without a predetermined script. Everybody felt that it was an experience worthy of being repeated in the future: the young participants, the teachers and professors. 

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