Variété Varietà

Al chiar di luna (By the light of the moon)

Every year, second year students of the Bachelor program at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri present a variety show made up of many different artistic and comic numbers: clowning, pantomime, acrobatics, slapstick and, as always, with live music. This year, the students invite the public to a surreal world with whacky characters and ghostly apparitions. The show will also be presented on tour in Orselina, Château d’Oex, Novara, Reinach, and Stuttgart (DE).

Direction: Nancy Fürst, Emanuel Pouilly 
Music: Oliviero Giovannoni, Alessandro La Rocca 
With: Mariyam Al-Baghdadi, Héloise Dell’Ava, Vinzent Gisi, Hannes Langanky, Alvise Lindenberger, Clarissa Matter, Faustine Moret, Aurélie Prampart, Michele Rezzonico, Olivia Ronzani, Leonti Usolzew. 

Download the flyer (776 KB) 

Press Release 
30.06.2016, "Tous au Festival au Pays des Enfants!", FAPE, Le Regional, Publireportage
20.07.2016, "Et si un cimitière vous émerveillait?", de Valérie Passello, FAPE, Le Regional
04.08.2016, "Festival Au Pays des Enfants", Textes de M.Z. Journal du Pays d'Enhaut 

Tour 2016 

Friday 15 July, PREMIERE 
Saturday 16t July 
Sunday 17 July  
Wednesday 20 July 
Sunday 24  July 
Thursday 28 July

Wednesday 27 July 

Saturday 30 July 
Sunday 31 July
Monday 1 August  
Tuesday 2 August
Wednesday 3 August 
Thursday 4 August
Friday 5 August
Saturday 6 August 

Tuesday 9 August
Thursday 11 August
Friday 12 August
Thursday 18 August
Friday 19 August
Sunday 21 August

Saturday 15 October

Sunday 16 October 

Wednesday 19 October 

Friday 21 October 
Saturday 22 October 
Sunday 23 October
Tuesday 25 October 
Wednesday 26 October
Thursday 27 October
Friday 28 October
Saturday 29 October
Sunday 30 October 

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