Wednesday, 27th of November - 6.30 pm

Social Skills and Asperger Syndrome: Let’s work!

Thanks to the support of Swiss Solidarity Chain, since October 2018 the Dimitri Theatre Academy, in close collaboration with the ARES Foundation (Autism, Resources and Development Foundation), has been able to launch the applied research project "Social Skills and Asperger Syndrome: Let’s work!" 

This project aims to enable young adults with Asperger syndrome to improve their communication and social skills, to benefit in their own working environment or in their path of professional integration.

The project is coordinated on the one hand by Prof. Demis Quadri, head of the research sector of the Academy, together with the trainer Shahaf Michaeli, actress graduated from the Academy, and on the other hand, by the pedagogues of ARES Christian Fischer and Francesca Gerosa, experts in Asperger's syndrome.

Through the means provided by the theatre and the skills provided by the experts of ARES, the project aims to enable young adults with Asperger syndrome to improve their communication and social skills, so as to be able to benefit in particular in their work environment or in their professional integration path.

Asperger's syndrome is a disorder that involves in particular important difficulties in social interaction and unusual patterns of behavior.

The theatre, promoted by the Accademia Teatro Dimitri, focuses on the dimensions of relationships, physical awareness and mastery of movement. Much of what we communicate does not pass through the content of words, but through the use of body and voice: through the use of exercises from the training of the actor and in an environment protected from fear of judgment, the theater therefore allows people with Asperger's Syndrome to appropriate social skills not only at the conceptual level, but also in the concreteness and physical complexity that characterizes the interpersonal relationships of real life, where it is necessary to take into account the point of view of the other.

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