Final Individual Projects Valea Völcker & Ettore Chiummo

Saturday 16 November 2019 at 20.00 and Sunday 17 November 2019 at 18.00 in the Aula Grande in Verscio. Free entry.

Valea Völcker - Γιγάντια. The Gigantess

I'm leaving. Why? Because I can't take any more of your questions.
I've been corroded inside my bowels and if I stay a second longer
all I can do is scream. Everything repeats itself. I can't take it anymore
that the truth is there, under your feet, and it's terrifying. Who the
he's gonna have to take the fall for discovering her. I have seen it and I have not
I just have to go, singing a lullaby, for the night that I didn't
it has to end. I don't know where, elsewhere, in another world, where they'll make me
queen or goddess of the night, while you call me crazy. Here the night is
on a blood-colored day. Fear. Yes, fear. Fear of looking
in the face of the truth. And here I am again... this time I'm leaving.
A theatrical painting. "Because the images speak more clearly
of words" 

Thanks to Christa Wolf, whose writing is so alive and true, to my mother, to Julia
Butterfly Hill, to Medea and Rosa Luxemburg and to all the women who have me
inspired, thanks to the rain, so simple and so wet. To the smiling eyes
of those who don't think but hear. And thanks to Georgia for the Greek. 

Performer:  Valea Völcker Music: Gori Choir Angélique Ionatos Length 12 min.

▫ Ettore Chiummo - What remains

Thank you for the joy of a warm coffee, in the soft light of dawn, traveling
towards the miracle. To share that coffee, that silent view, that
knot in the throat before the miracle. Thanks for the other coffee, the one with which
the knot in the throat has melted like sugar after the miracle, when I have
dreamed of the impossible. That nothing changes when everything is far away. Instead everything changes and nothing is really far, as long as I bring it in. More
of everything, thanks for that miracle: for a moment I felt the tip
of my roots, just when I felt I was losing them. Who knows
that are no longer strong now. So thank you for feeding them even while the
my life germinated elsewhere. Research into roots and belonging,
to the discovery of the contradiction hidden in the feelings of those who leave
the homeland to pursue a vocation.

I thank my parents for always supporting me in my choices and for the
their trust in me, Valeria Estrella to be a most precious companion of
trip, my class for winning my heart in three years of adventures
memorable, the teachers of the ATD for having devoted so much time and for having taught me relentlessly, the technicians for their hidden work. Thank you very much to all my collaborators, who followed me wherever I went and anchored in the days
of a storm. This piece is dedicated to grandmother Lina.

Performer: Andrea Chiummo Ettore Chiummo Valeria Estrella Giorgia Marzetti Simon Thoeni Musician: Simon Huggler. Length 12 min.

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