Il tempo di vivere (Time to live) Variété 2020

Variété 2020

A variété of life, in all its aspects, brought on stage with joy by the students of the second year of the Bachelor of Arts at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri.


"Nine characters play with the threads of time, evoking fragments of memories and experiences.

The narrative threads of their stories intertwine, twist, gather, unravel, unravel, a collage of images that transforms before our eyes like clouds in the sky.

A poetic spectacle, at times bittersweet. The course of time; the life that follows its course."

75 min.

Director: Masha Dimitri

Music: Alessandro La Rocca

Costume and Makeup Supervision: Stephanie Metzner

Musician: Alvise Lindenberger

The 2nd year students: Domenico Doronzo, Martin Durrmann, Simone Fiore, Françoise Gautier, Nina Giordano, Nuria Künzler, Chloé Schach, Noémie Siraut


29.7.2020 at 21.00, Parco Orselina

31.7.2020 at 20.30 Première,  Clown Park, Verscio



August 1st, at 18.00, Clown Park, Verscio 

August 3rd, at 20.30, Clown Park, Verscio 

August 5 at 21.00, Parco Orselina

6 August, at 20.30Clown Park, Verscio                                      

8 August,  at 20.30Clown Park, Verscio                            

9 August, at 18.00, Clown Park, Verscio                                         

12 August, at 20.30. , Clown Park, Verscio                                         

15 August, at 18.00, Clown Park, Verscio                                          
16 August, at 18.00, Clown Park, Verscio                                          

20 August, at 20.30 Clown Park, Verscio    

21 August, at 20.30, Serravalle Piazza                                    

23 August, at 18.00 , Clown Park, Verscio                                        



September 15th, at 20.30, Dimitri Theatre, Verscio   

17 September,  at 20.30, Dimitri Theatre, Verscio 

18 September, at 20.30, Russo 

25 September,  at 20.30,  Dimitri Theatre, Verscio   



2, 3 October,  at 20.00, Zirkusquartier, Zürich

October 30th,  at 20.30 , Dimitri Theatre,                                       

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