PerformIn'Acts - CAS Advanced Studies in Theatre, Performance and Contemporary Live Arts 2017

Azioni e performances individuali di: Lena Bagutti, Annekatrin Becher, Irene Fas Fita, Unna Huijsman. Direttore artistico: Stéphanie Lupo. Giovedì 15 giugno, alle ore 18.00, e venerdì 16 giugno, alle ore 19.00, a Verscio (apertura all'entrata della Casa del Clown).

Torna anche quest’anno l’edizione del CAS Advanced Studies in Theatre, Performance and Contemporary Live Arts dell’Accademia Teatro Dimitri, che offre l’occasione di assistere ad azioni e performance individuali di artisti provenienti da diverse parti del mondo e da differenti contesti artistici (teatro, danza, belle arti e performance). Sotto la guida dell’artista, regista, ricercatrice e scrittrice Stéphanie Lupo, ogni partecipante sviluppa un progetto creativo in uno spirito di ricerca personale che riunisce riflessione e pratica, e conduce a delle performance aperte al pubblico a Verscio, il 15 e 16 giugno.

Lena Bagutti oSmosi - (La la la)

oSmosi unravels the echoes of the past and questions through the eyes of three generations the position of an individual in front of society. How can we not let ourselves be emprisoned in determinisms, be them social or familiar, and instead convert the force of the past into a thrust to make us move forward ? A performance dedicated to the memory of Semcha Hammouche Khennouf.

Annekatrin Becher  How to turn stagnant into fluid?

 “As ghosts, they gurgle in the black mud mournfully, until they are trapped in all eternity in the morbid immobility and speechlessness of a standing water.” (Dante Alighieri)

How to step out of the warm comfort swimming pool we live in? How to reach a state of solidarity, sharing life and being? The Performance “How to turn stagnant into fluid” searches for the fluency which can open blockages and create a different state of being in society.


Irene Fas Fita  I + one

This is my new beginning.

The time to emerge, to transform.

I put wings to the cucumber, it becomes a butterfly.


Unna Zoe Astar Huijsman Dreaming your way

To be a Toltec means to be an artist of the spirit. Related to the Toltec Wisdom, there are three dream states, the dream of the victim, the dream of the warrior and the dream of the master. Through these dreams, one finds the way to recover his/her true nature, the true self and to be the artist of their own life. Inspired from a Toltec Wisdom Book, The Fifth agreement by Don Miguel Ruiz and Don Jose Ruiz.


Performers: Lena Bagutti, Anne Katrin Becher, Irene Fas Fita, Unna Zoe Astar Huijsman.

Direttore artistico: Stéphanie Lupo.