SUPSI ARTS returns to the stage with "Third Hand Socrates"

SUPSI ARTS - the interdisciplinary show resulting from the collaboration between the three artistic centers of the University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI) - this year will present a devised theatrical, musical, and visual project that invokes eminent figures, from Plato to Satie, up to John Cage and Merce Cunningham. The performance will be on Sunday, April 14th, at 8:30pm at the Auditorium Stelio Molo RSI of Lugano-Besso.

The starting point of this new project is the symphonic drama "Socrates" by Erik Satie, composed in 1919 and considered his masterpiece, conceived from fragments of Plato's dialogues. Fifty years later, the piece was taken up by the choreographer Merce Cunningham, who added his own interpretation with the collaboration of John Cage, who arranged it for two pianos. However, Satie's publisher did not authorize this arrangement, and to remedy this problem, the composer created a "cheap imitation", according to his own definition. Cage used his method of I-Ching composition and rewrote the piece while maintaining the original structure and phraseology, but modifying its continuity through random adjustments. For his part, Merce Cunningham then produced a "second hand" choreography for the piece and thus, in 1969, "Cheap Imitation / Second hand" was born.

This very song, "Cheap Imitation / Second Hand" is the theme of the piece proposed for this edition of SUPSI ARTS, which offers a new development, creating a "Third Hand Socrates". Thus, in 2019, the SUPSI ARTS project will create a "third-hand" work...and much more: the work of Cage 50 years ago (1969) inspired by the work of Satie 50 years earlier (1919) in which he put to music and song the beautiful French language of Victor Cousin from the previous century (1822), who translated dialogues written by Plato 24 centuries ago.

Questo contenuto attualmente non č disponibile in italiano.


Director: Giampaolo Gotti
Motion-capture acting: Sergio Basso
Mouvement on stage: Luisa Braga
Rythm: Alessandro La Rocca
Dance: Andrea Herdeg
Acrobatic: Alexei Ivanov
Costumes and Make-up Supervision: Steffi Metzner
Lights: Christoph Siegenthaler

 Andreas Gysin
& alumni SUPSI CV: Luca Belfiore, Simone Colombo, Beatrice Gorelli

Director Arturo Tamayo
Assistant Director: Francesco Bossaglia
& musicians Ensemble900 del Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana
Productor 900presente: Carlo Ciceri

Third year BA Accademia Teatro Dimitri:
Patrice Bussy 
Virginia Cassina 
Ettore Chiummo 
Simone Ganser 
Rahel Leutwiler 
Luca Lombardi 
Saskia Simonet 
Simon Thöni 
Daniela Vargas 
Florian Voigt 
Valea Völcker 
Luana Volet