Staff List

Corinna Vitale, Dean, Head of Bachelor and Master Programms
Daniel Bausch, Vice Dean, Head of Advanced Studies
Ruth Hungerbühler, Head of Research
Demis Quadri, Head of Research

Veronica Provenzale, Dean Collaborator and Head of Communication
Silviana Vogt, Master Collaborator
Michela Moro, Bachelor Collaborator

Michela Ceroni, Head of Administration 
Lorenza Gobbi, Head of Human Resources
Francesca Marcacci, Secretary and Administration Easter and Summer Courses

Hans-Henning Wulf, Head of Workshop and School Projects
Silviana Vogt, Librarian
Marlies Baertschi, Scholorship Service

Ricki Maggi, Head of Logistic
Dante Carbini, Logistic and Technic Collaborator 
Carmelo Mulé, Logistic and Technic Collaborator